How to be a Wiccan in the Philippines?

Wicca is a new religious movement that been now embraced worldwide. It has magically arrived to the Philippines through correspondence, books and internet.

Most young people in the Philippines embrace Wicca not only because of Magick but also because of the Freedom it provides to the practitioner.

Wicca in the Philippines is much more of practice rather than a religion. Some people will claim they are Wiccan but still they follow their old Abrahamic religion. The Freedom to choose what they will release and also what they will keep is in their power because of freedom.

Indeed Wicca is much more than a religion but it is a daily practice. To live as a Wiccan in the Philippines is to make your Faith alive not only into your personal life but it extends to the life of the person who needs your help such as using your skills in healing or spiritual counseling and guidance using Divinatory tool such as Tarot Card or runes.

The teachings of Wicca is not exclusive to its members only but it includes non Wiccan to obtain the Blessings of Wiccan Religion.

Abrahamic Religion offer church services exclusively to their members such as their Holy Sacraments, but in Wicca we welcome everyone to participate and benefit the Sacraments of Wiccan Religion without forcing anyone to change their religion.

Such as this person who recieves guidance from our Wiccan Priest, the person doesnt need to be a Wiccan but we welcome everyone who needs our help.

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