Perfect Manifestation of Divine

Many people have thought that as Human we are seperate from the Divine. And Humans have no power over the world.

This thinking made man seperated from God and suffer to strive reaching to God through Dogma. Religion implemented many commandment, laws, rules and many others in order for mankind to reach God. But infact, God can not be found without but within.

Our Religious Altar remind us that God is always with us. Even if we stand in front of a mirror, it remind us of the God we have in our life.

In Luntiang Aghama, we have taught that we are Creator, Co Creator and Recreator of this world and the Universe. The Power of Divinity is within us all. When we Pray, Medidate and do Ritual- the Divine Powers within us are awaken and put to work.

We as a Devotee are the Perfect Manifestation of the Divine Power because we ourselves are Divine, so we must not desecrate it.

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