Fertility, Prosperity and Abundance

Everyday the Universe allow us to grow. Every moment, every seconds, every minutes, and every hour we have our chance.

The chance to grow is to stand firmly on the ground which we are going to stand. A ground which will be our solid foundation, the source of our stability.

In my meditation, i thought that stability can be obtained in the end of our journey. But true stability is not having so much money but instead your willingness to grow and prosper.

Fertility in on the land already. We say the land is fertile if it has the ability to make the seed grow.

We pray for fertility so that when we plant for our dream seed it will grow. Then prosperity will come as you see the seed germinates and start to have leaves and grow. Abundance is the next thing we pray and work out.

I entrust all my labors to the Divine, I ask Idiyanale to bless my effort and Lakapati to bless us with prosperity. May Dimangan be happy and blessed us with Good Harvest.

Luwalhati at Parangal sa Dakilang Kapangyarihan na Lumikha sa atin at sa buong sansinukuban. (Glory and Honor to the Great Power that creates us and the whole Universe!).

Mayari Na!

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