We are now 18!

From year 2000 age Zero of Aquarius upto now, we celebrate our 18th years as a Shrine with a simple ritual celebration.

Thanks to Rev. Miles Llanto HP of the Order of Quinta Essencia for giving us this cake which we all share. December 16 is also the day which Lord Miles have embraced his calling to head the Order of Quinta Essencia.

The event started with a reflection on how we started as Blessed Circle of the Almighty and how it became Luntiang Aghama as a group in Yahoo! Clubs.

And we share our response to the question on How do we know that the Deity Exist. I shared to everyone that written text or scripture is not the basis of the Deities existence, and if that so the Deity will not be different from the Dinosaurs because the later exist now only through books.

We know that the Deity exist because of our personal relationship to the deity and our experience as we work with the Deity.

Having a devotional time, prayer, meditation, conducting ritual celebration is a testimony that God exist in our life.

In our celebration, we also honor our ancestors which is the agent of the Divine that we have life today. We learn to write and read Baybayin which is our ancient writing script.

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