Tuhan is our God

In English we call for the Supreme Divine Creator as God. When the Hindu came to the Philippines we call God as Diwata. Then Islam came, we call God as Allah. Then the Christian came we call God as Dios.

Dios is a Spanish term that comes from the Greek Zeus. But for us in the Philippines, is the God that we call now is our real God?

Do our God does not speak to us and only speak to the Colonizers?

We as the people from the Pearl of the Orient have our own God. And we call God as Tuhan like how our South East Asian neighbors call our God.

And Tuhan reveal his name to us as May Ari.

Know that God is alive. And people keep on doing blasphemy by calling God on foreign names whereas God have revealed his name to us. You do not call your mom or dad on different name as a form of respect. But when you call them on different name you are dishonoring them.

Turn back now to Tuhan as May Ari at May Yari of your life.

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