The Real You

In this world, you own nothing except for your body which is the dwelling place of the real you. Your Body is limited by Time and Space but not you.

The real You is in control of your body. The real you is light. Youre body is the dark. The real you is the Higher Self and your body is your lower self.

Together in one you create balance.

You are the creator of your own reality.

Create Beauty, Joy, Abundance and Prosperity within and without.

Stretch the limits of your Body to achieve the Glory within you that is of the Divine.


For the act of Creation is not easy.

The hairs in your head takes time to grow, but only a split seconds to cut.

So as in Creation takes time but destruction in a quick moment.

Real Power develop and acquired through time.

And there is no Real Power in Destruction.

Those who seeks the easy way only seeks to destroy. But those who endure through the end will be rewarded greatly.

Love what you do and put love in everything you do and you will be loved.

Love is not one way road but it is two.

No one can a love alone but two.

Love yourself and you will be loved back.

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