Dedication Prayer of Peace Weaver/ Minister

peace dove

Oh Great Divine Spirit

Supreme Creator of the Universe

Giver of Life to all beings

We come before you and dedicate

Our selves in this Holy Work of

Praying for Peace.

Grant us Wisdom

So that we may know the Countries

We are about to pray for peace.

Allow us to understand the inhabitants

Of each country we are about to pray

By the knowledge of their current status

Of living. Make us each a trustworthy

To become a silent prayer partner for the

People of each country we are about to pray

So that love may develop to us for them.

And with this love help us to become faithful

In doing this sacred duty of praying for peace.

With these we pray with aim no harm

In full gratitude to the Divine.

May all be Blessed with Peace.

So Mote it Be!



Mayari Na!

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