Where will a person Go when they commit suicide?

We have been asked by our followers about our belief towards suicide and where do people go when they commit suicide. And this video is our answer (which I speak in Tagalog Language): WHERE WILL A PERSON GO WHEN THEY COMMIT SUICIDE? When a person die from any cause, automatically they will be buried andContinue reading “Where will a person Go when they commit suicide?”

Filipino Diwata attends the Correllian Lustration Ceremony this 2021

I’ve been a member of the Correllian Nativist Church of Wicca for almost 15 years now and twice a year, members of the Correllian Tradition gathers every spring and fall to observe the Lustration Ceremony. I dream of participating this Global event but unfortunately due to limitation of finances as well as distance, it didContinue reading “Filipino Diwata attends the Correllian Lustration Ceremony this 2021”

The Universe speaks!

As Above! So Below! This is the phrase i often hear and read when i was still working on my path to find my spirituality and it still true to me right now. This phrase also teach us about the universe and the soul. Indeed this is a deep teaching that when you will understandContinue reading “The Universe speaks!”

You are Us and We are You

As we celebrate our 19th year of existence through a ritual last night 13th December 2019,we come before the presence of the Diwata and a message has been given to us as the keeper of their Shrine here on Earth.  We pray before the deities that work with us through time about the status ofContinue reading “You are Us and We are You”

Foundation of the Shrine

When i started founding a Shrine, some may say that i am a Wanna Be and i admit that i am. It all started with being a Wanna Be or in a clear word to say that I want to be. I have no knowledge of the craft on how to start a group orContinue reading “Foundation of the Shrine”