Regulation on Fortune Telling

Is there a Right age where we can give our Fortune Telling services to a client? I made a video answering that question as i notice that in our Live Streaming Sessions there are lot of people who want yo avail it during our session. Though Fortune Telling is one of the Religious Services we … Continue reading Regulation on Fortune Telling

Are you a Creator or just a Reactor?

We are already on our 5th day of our Sunrise Peace Prayer Devotion and today we are going to talk about the kind of life that we are living. 2021 Sunrise Peace Prayer Episode 5: Are you a creator or just a reactor? Each new day we are given by the Divine the opportunity … Continue reading Are you a Creator or just a Reactor?

Freedom of Religion has been tested

Our Shrine was established and recognized on September 4, 2012 by the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission through the the power of the Corporation code of the Philippines or Batas Pambansa 68 that was approved on May 1, 1980. In this code, On Title 13 Chapter 2 Section 109 states that: Religious corporations may be … Continue reading Freedom of Religion has been tested