Where will a person Go when they commit suicide?

We have been asked by our followers about our belief towards suicide and where do people go when they commit suicide. And this video is our answer (which I speak in Tagalog Language): WHERE WILL A PERSON GO WHEN THEY COMMIT SUICIDE? When a person die from any cause, automatically they will be buried andContinue reading “Where will a person Go when they commit suicide?”

Changing us back to who we are

Coronavirus and the Pandemic of 2020 is changing the way how we live our life. Our Government is discouraging us to go out of our home and through this they have canceled social activities such as going to school, churches, malls and parks; and highly encourage physical distancing whenever we go to the supermarket, pharmacyContinue reading “Changing us back to who we are”

Let your Money work for you

How do you earn money? What is your behavior towards earning money? I know some earn easy money but most of us do hard work in getting money. But how much energy do we need to exert in order to earn Money? Watch out for more to know details in this episode of Let MoneyContinue reading “Let your Money work for you”