Are you a Creator or just a Reactor?

We are already on our 5th day of our Sunrise Peace Prayer Devotion and today we are going to talk about the kind of life that we are living. Each new day we are given by the Divine the opportunity to live our life, and this Life is what we decide to choose either toContinue reading “Are you a Creator or just a Reactor?”

Circle of the Ancestors

Like everyone else when I started to walk in the Path of Magick, I had attraction to foreign Gods just like how our Ancestors been  Islamized and Christianized to embrace foreign Monotheist God. But as soon as i get deeper to embrace this Faith, the Pagan Divinities have pushed me back to my lineage byContinue reading “Circle of the Ancestors”

Change is Constant

2nd Day of June 2020 and we are reminded by the wisdom of our Higher Self through our young self the following: If you think that living your life becomes a daily routine- Stop! and think for a while. You are missing the beauty and wonders of living your life in this world. Sorrow, loneliness,Continue reading “Change is Constant”