Changing us back to who we are

Coronavirus and the Pandemic of 2020 is changing the way how we live our life. Our Government is discouraging us to go out of our home and through this they have canceled social activities such as going to school, churches, malls and parks; and highly encourage physical distancing whenever we go to the supermarket, pharmacy … Continue reading Changing us back to who we are

Destroying the Immortal Soul

Memories come back to the present time to remind us of the lessons we have learned in the past. Today as I look back, I found an important lesson that we should continue to learn and do, and that is the Message of Gaia to us channelled through meditation. Day and Night comes unceasingly. Balancing … Continue reading Destroying the Immortal Soul

Surviving the Pandemic 2020

Pandemic outbreak happens throughout history of mankind killing million of people around the world. It is not only pandemic threatens the life of mankind but also calamities and warfare that occurs in different parts of the world. With these tragedies happening to us through time, our ancestors manage to survive and bring forth life to … Continue reading Surviving the Pandemic 2020