Telekwentuhan with Vixey Lema about the process of Hilot

Last November 11, 2021- I’ve been a guest at My Haunted Stories as hosted by Ms. Vixey Lema of Mulat Media. This is my second time on their show talking about the beliefs and practices of Luntiang Aghama. Mulat Media is an Independent Media Company which you can access through their Facebook Page or youContinue reading “Telekwentuhan with Vixey Lema about the process of Hilot”

Oomancy: Egg Tawas as shared healing tradition

For about a century aside from using paper and candle, Traditional Filipino Healers uses Raw Egg and Glass of water as tool to determine the cause of spiritual illness of an afflicted person. When I presented this into a workshop in 2011 that highlights the healing practices of our Filipino Traditional Healers, one participant fromContinue reading “Oomancy: Egg Tawas as shared healing tradition”