Hilot Binabaylan as a Mystic

Last June 2020, we started an Online Training Program that aims to certify and ordain an individual into the service as Magaanito/ Magtatawas/Pangutanahan/Pangatauhan. The terms we use are the ancient terminologies that pertains to an individual who communicate with the Spirits to determine their fortune or diagnose the cause of illness. The Training Program was provided by Hilot Academy of Binabaylan which is our Educational Ministry/ Seminary/ Formation Center. The program is called Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit works. From June 2020 to September 2021, we already have produced and Ordained 14 individuals that comes from different part of the United States of America and Singapore.

And last September 19, 2021- we have ordained 5 individuals to take the role of Hilot Binabaylan Mystics and they are:

For more details, visit our Website at www.HilotAcademy.Com

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