On Going Event: 31 Days of Practical Spirituality and Magick

The Month of August is a preparatory month for us as we prepare for the Incorporation Day of the Shrine. It is also the month of my Dedication to the Correllian Order of Peace Weavers which we celebrate this year our 12 years of charterhood while 8 years on my dedication to the Order. With these said I congratulate the Correllian Nativist Tradition and all the dedicated members of the Order of Peace Weavers specially to our Order Head Rev. Teri Helton Ott for the success of this Holy Order of Peace Weaver.

This year, me and Lakay made a pledge to the Diwata that in 31 days for the whole month of August we are going to share our passion to our fellow Filipino by making video content that will encourage everyone to practice Spirituality and Magick. This time, the video content that I am making is in Filipino Language while Lakay is creating content in English Language.

Lakay Magbaya’s 31 Simple SiAd Tala Magick

Apu Adman’s 31 Tips on Practical Spirituality

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