Role of our Existence

In my 37th year of existence this Dec. 10, 2020 I gain a lot of experiences through meeting different kinds of people. You can not know the person well even yourself, if you don’t give your time for them and make some interactions. And my true journey started when I decided to leave my comfort zone which is my home for a change and to know what kind of life out there. The first thing I’ve learned in my journey is that it requires a lot of effort, adjustment and sacrifices for myself. Effort and adjustment which is connected to my own actions in terms of making some decisions alone and taking its consequences. The sacrifices emerge when consequences are not in favor of us. In connection to my spiritual practices we can equate this in “knowing yourself”. This is the time for getting to know our own limitations, skills and abilities, our strongest and weakest points, acknowledging the demon within and to Master Oneself. 

We can experience all of this if we let someone be part of it. And it’s only gonna happen if there’s an interaction from both individuals. We can link this to the universal law of cause and effect. That “in every action there is an equal or opposite reaction”. Our life is a lifetime process of learning that’s why everyday is a new day for us to start or to continue what we started. Our existence will not only be measured by material gains but on how you take and master your roles while you’re existing. 

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