We are Wiccan not entrepreneur

On September 4, 2012- the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama receives its Certificate of Incorporation and was registered as Religious Corporation Sole in the Philippines. We really intend to incorporate our group and be recognized as a new religion in the Philippines that revive and restore the Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs and practices of our Ancestors.

The teachings of Wicca has become instrument for us to embrace the Old Religion that our ancestors have embraced even beyond the written history and precolonial time. We do not deny (and never will be) that the begining of our Shrine is founded on Wiccan Beliefs and practices, as we have a strong bond and foundation to the Correllian Nativist Church of Wicca.

It is through the Nativism doctrine of the Correllian Wicca that our shrine embraced our dedication and commitment to restore and revive the old spiritual practices of our ancestors that through colonization have been long forgotten.

As a Wiccan practitioner that belongs to a registered Church locally and abroad, we value Wicca as a Religion and not as a profession for entreprenueral and commercial purpose.

Indeed that as Wiccan, there is a need for tools to practice the religion. But as the teaching of Wicca, instead of buying it to shop or store, we are encouraged to create our own instead of buying it.

The reason for this are obvious enough if you really undergo an initiatory training on becoming Wiccan. So real Wiccan will know why you should not buy your tools but instead create your own.

As Wiccan in the Philippines, we create our own tools. We do not offer our tools to the marketplace just to desecrate it. Though we also offer our services and products to the non initiated which will help them in their mundane life.

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