The Power of Zero

Back to Zero (0) again. It is the number where we all start. The moment we were born is considered age zero.

Zero an infinite number that describe to measure an empty void of nothingness.

But Zero is also a value signifier, its value counts depending on the position it was placed.

We sometime thinks that ZERO is a number that denotes NOTHINGNESS but it also a number that MAGNIFIES.

In our life, we constantly experience this ZERO moment. We feel that all are against us and we feel helpless. Friends, work, finances forsake us. Even good opportunities rarely come.

There are lots of things to describe this ZERO MOMENTS. But when we experience this, dont be sad.

Always remember that life is threading a Unilateral path. A life that starts from a single zero to a multiple gazilions of zero.

0,10,100,1000,10000,10000,100000, etc…

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