Prayer is Our Power of Co Creation

There is magick in Prayer that we don’t easily give up in doing it until we obtain result. For some people, they see prayer as the ways how Christian and Muslim ask for something to God. But aside from asking, there is more that we can expect from Praying. That is why as a Wiccan and Pagan we do also Pray.

In today’s Global Healing Devotion, we see how the Great Divine Spirit communicates with us. As we channel the message of the Spirit it tell us that there are many ways that we can do to change the world. That path that people walk reminds us that we all come from the Great Source. All our works (prayers) are not wasted and ignored. It becomes a source of power to everyone of us. Prayer is not just asking something God, but it is our way of co creating God’s will into our life. Through prayer, we are setting goals to achieve thus in the present moment we have something to look at in the future. Through Prayer we can be assured that we have a bright future. It is also in prayer, we recognize our self that we need help. That is why we become the Co Creator, it means that we are not creating by our self but also with the help of the Divinity. If we look within our self even we see our self as one, there are many selves that within us. Like in a Corn Cub that has many grains. These Grain can be planted and grow to bear many corns. Let that tiny grain be planted on the Ground, and in due time it will grow and produce multiple corn cobs with many grains.

At this situation that we have right now. The Spirit told us that we can do something to help our fellow men. We have the ability to Pray, to Co Create the Future that we want to have in our life. Through your mind, soul and Spirit- you can create a better world. And that Process of Creation will Start now when you Pray.

Published by Apu Adman Aghama

I am the Chief Priest and Founder of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. which is a Formal Correllian Wiccan Shrine in the Philippines. I am a Second Degree Clergy of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca; a dedicated member of the Correllian Order of Peace Weavers; and A Correllian Shaman Guide who leads the Orange Feather Camp. My Priesthood in Luntiang Aghama have created several ministries under the Shrine which consist of the Sacerdotal Order of Luntiang Aghama, National Community of Filipino Pagans, Philippine Correllian Aghamic Circle, Templong Anituhan ng Luntiang Aghama (TALA), Peace Prayer Interfaith Ministry, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan and Kaduwa Movement Equality through Compassion.

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