Be not a Burden

All of us are carrying a weight of burden in our life. We get tired and it become heavier when we also carry the burden of others. Watch this video and be reminded of what you can do.

Sometime we think that we are pitiful and no one cares for us. But what we didn’t realize is that other people too think the same way. But those other people who are equally pitiful manage to care for others and still carry their own load of burden. And by doing that they carry more weight of load by helping to carry your burden.

All of us has our own Lower and Higher selves. Our lower selves focus on the material plane which is heavier compared to our Higher Selves which focus on the Spiritual plane which is lighter.

The weight of our burden belongs to our lower selves which is mundane and carnal. If we perceive that this load of burden will not end then we are deceived. Since the load we carry is on the material plane, it means that our problem are only temporary and it will not last for long. But the things which are Spiritual is eternal that it will last forever and is lighter.

It is the same thing that we do everyday. We don’t do the same thing everyday. At least there is an element of change that we could encounter as we live our life. This change can be a doorway to lighten our load or it can also be a doorway to make our load heavier. On this change, we can realize that we have a choice. So choose wisely on how to live our life. Carry our own load of burden and do not make the load of burden of others heavier by making them to carry you.

Be a Light and pray that your light will shine brightly and help other people to carry the burdens of their life.

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