Actively participate in co creating your World

We all want to have Peace but in order to have it into our life we must be an active participant in creating Peace to our world. Watch out the whole video to learn more.

Like in Healing, in order to be healed one must be willing to take the process of healing. It does not matter how much Good your doctor is but when the patient is not willing to be treated, the patient will not be healed. It is the same thing that when a person suffers from a respiratory problem and has been given a powerful prescription to treat his condition but if that person lives in a polluted area where the air he breathe is affected, his condition will not get better but it will become worst.

In creating Peace to our World, each individual must actively participate in doing this. It will start on our self then it will expand to our community until we cover up the whole world. If we want to have Peace, then let us start with our own selves and work on it.

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