Coming before the Divine Presence

I kneel down to my altar to make an offering. I stopped for a while as i listen to an inner voice talking to me as he say: “Why everytime you come to our presence you complain about anything that happened to you!”

And yes i realize that everytime i come in the presence of the Divine i have a load of negativity laying down to their presence. It is because that i know that the power of the Divine could transform all of the load of negativity that i carry in my heart to become positive and beneficial.

I acknowledge that everytime i kneel down and make my offering to them that i am still human; that with my own self i can do nothing.
Then i’ve been reminded that whenever situation will arise instead of embracing the negative situation that will happen i should be thankful because the Universe is giving us opportunity for the Divinity to work on our behalf. As human we must focus on living progressively. These challenges and trials are like a fire that transform us into a Bright Shining Star.

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