Making Water Holy Again

Every Monday night is our Binabaylan Study night and last night our topic is about the sacredness of Water.

We believe that all forms of water are sacred whether it came from the ocean, sea, river, falls, stream, pond, rain or even on our faucet. We talked the power of water as cleansing, binding, transporting, tranforming, and reflecting. We have recognize and agreed in our study group the importance of water as part of our daily necessity in life and that we recognize that now-a-days the sacredness of water has been desecrated due to human act of pollution.

As member of Luntiang Aghama, as we embrace our membership to the Shrine we also embrace the duties and responsibilities that been ordained to us by the Divine to protect and guard our planet.

As Luntiang Aghama, we can do our part of making our water sacred again starting in our own house and community. The act of Reducing, Re Using and Recycling our trash has an important role not only cleaning the environment but also the bodies of water. Segregation of our garbage from Biodegradable to Non Biodiegradable will lessen to create toxicity that will later on absorb by earth that will run to the bodies of water.

Poisoning our land will also poison the bodies of water. And by poisoning our environment it will also poison us that will lead to the destruction of Humanity.

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