Witches are not Evil

CNN Philippines Life have contacted us to be interviewed since holloween have come and we were featured in their website. The Interviewer asked if it ok that the title of the Article would be saying this word:

I seen this and shared it on my facebook account on the 30th of October 2018, but after a few days i checked again on their website and this is what i saw:

It is great that CNN Philippines have seen our work as modern day Filipino Witch, but the abrupt change of the Title from modern day Filipino Witch to Filipino Spiritual Healer makes me think that maybe the Chief Editor of the article believe that Filipino still have a strong stigma on the word witch and they still have in their mind that witches are evil.

The word witch is a word that used to describe a person who follows an ancient and indigenous religion. Such as if you are a follower of the Roman Catholic Church you are called a Catholic or if you are a member of Islam you are called as Muslim.

Witchcraft or Kulam is a Filipino Indegenous Religion. Wikipedia have written about it and categorize it as Philippine Indigenous Religion together with Aniteria and Diwataan and Bathalismo or Dayawismo. There is nothing to be afraid of these Philippine Ancient Religion as other faith have describe and define of what it is. The pin pointing fingers of other people make our indigenous spirituality to look evil without even knowing it personally.

Now as Luntiang Aghama re emerge on this modern world, we are showing what is Witchcraft and Indigenous Filipino Religion but still want to change it because what theu think that the word witch is inappropriate for them.

This abrupt change of news article title might affect the credibility of the news network. They are changing title and might also change the historical outcome of the situation. They are hiding the truth with a nice term that people will accept their network.

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