Prayer to restore Peace at home

There is no perfect relationship that even at home we found our self arguing with one another. Husband and Wife do quarrel so as siblings argue to one another; or sometimes there is one black sheep in the house that gives everyone a headache. All of this are part of the lessons of life that we need to learn and overcome. This situation is teaching us to value peace and enshrine it into our life.

I wrote this prayer years ago in response to a friend who is asking for prayer to restore peace back at their home. So i am also writing it here that you may use in times of having trouble in your home.


“There is one power in the Universe,

and I am the perfect manifestation of that power;

I am love.

I am Joy.

I am Peace.

With my love that i share with you let joy flourish and overflow

to restore back peace into our home.

With Joy that i share with you let our love be strengthen from one another and build this home once more in peace.

With Peace that i share with you we will enjoy our love from one another until eternity.

This is my will with aim no harm to anyone in perfect love and perfect trust with full gratitude to the Divine. And it is So. So mote it Be!

MayAri Na!



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