The terminal virtues of the Ladder of Peace

As a Nation converted into the Catholic Church for over 500 years, Filipino recognize and had special devotion in praying the rosary due to our Love to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the image portrayed, we can see that the Blessed Virgin Mary is carrying the Holy Child Jesus. These image has same representation ofContinue reading “The terminal virtues of the Ladder of Peace”

Is Fortune Telling a Crime in the Philippines?

I have seen a video clip at Tiktok which circulate the Video of Raffy Tulfo in Action that talks about charging a criminal case against a social media famous psychic. This comes from a complainant that is in Japan against this Socia Media Psychic that gives false prediction. Raffy Tulfo who is the host ofContinue reading “Is Fortune Telling a Crime in the Philippines?”

Magickal Protection: Defense against Dark Arts

From the title of our Article Post it seems that we are coming our from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but it is not. Our Shrine is dedicated on the study and practice of Magick as we preserve and revive the Indigenous Spirituality of our Filipino Ancestors. In this post, I want to shareContinue reading “Magickal Protection: Defense against Dark Arts”

How to determine if your third eye is open?

Is your third eye open? Can you see spirits and ghost? Is it scary to have your 3rd eye open? There are a lot of questions that been sent to us by our followers at TikTok so as many people have tried to answer it. In this video, I am sharing to everyone my experienceContinue reading “How to determine if your third eye is open?”

Raising our Energy Vibrations

I receive question asking How we can raise our energy vibrations. This email sender have been told that we should learn how to manipulate our own energy vibrations and if we do not, we will remain grounded here on Earth. As how I understand his question, it seems that he is pertaining to Spiritual AscensionContinue reading “Raising our Energy Vibrations”

Healing the Elements Full Moon Ritual

Last January 13, 2021- we observe  the last New Moon of the Lunar Calendar of 2020 and welcome the first new moon of 2021 under the solar calendar. During the said observance of the new moon esbat we have channeled the need to make an offering to the Elements of the Earth and Water inContinue reading “Healing the Elements Full Moon Ritual”

Circle of the Ancestors

Like everyone else when I started to walk in the Path of Magick, I had attraction to foreign Gods just like how our Ancestors been  Islamized and Christianized to embrace foreign Monotheist God. But as soon as i get deeper to embrace this Faith, the Pagan Divinities have pushed me back to my lineage byContinue reading “Circle of the Ancestors”

Anito, Diwata and Engkanto

Long before Christianity and Islam arrived in our Country, our ancestors already have their belief system to the unseen and the Divine Force. Written History was recognized in our Country during 900 AD through the Laguna Copperplate Inscription which is a legal document that is known to be the earliest calendar dated document found inContinue reading “Anito, Diwata and Engkanto”

Song to Mayari Transcribed and Translated

Just received an email asking to learn more about prayers and rituals on Philippine Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs, and we are glad that Luntiang Aghama have reached out our fellow Filipino in Diaspora. So here now is the transcription and Translation of this ritual chant composed by Apu Adman Aghama our First Chief Priest. Mayari! Mayari!Continue reading “Song to Mayari Transcribed and Translated”

Living In Here and Now

This year due to Pandemic and Physical Distancing, all social gathering in public places are suspended. So the Filipino Tradition of celebrating Undas in commemorating the souls of our departed love one’s will not happen in the cemetery for this year.  Our City Mayor already has made an ordinance that from October 28 to NovemberContinue reading “Living In Here and Now”