Prayer to Anangolay

Probably you have notice that Anangolay is one of my patroness and favorite Diwata as she is the fastest to respond to my Prayers. In Tagalog pantheon of the Diwata she is considered to be tertiary and a Minor Goddess but in Pangasinense pantheon Anangolay is a Male Supreme Diwata with the name Amangoaley orContinue reading “Prayer to Anangolay”

Lakay’s First Vlog in Filipino

As we enter the month of June 2020, we have made it clear to our selves as members of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. to be more visible to the public in providing guidance to the people in caring for their emotional and mental health. Through this action we are alsoContinue reading “Lakay’s First Vlog in Filipino”