Landas ng Lahi Courses

Learning with us allows transfer of knowledge of the Philippine indigenous Spiritual beliefs and practices that leads to preservation. By studying it, we will be equip by appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude in working with the Diwata, Engkanto and the Anito’s which are Ancient Divinity of our Race. At this moment, our Shrine is conducting Monthly ritual studies on the Diwata including the Indigenous people that worship them, and this happens every new moon (invoking the new Diwata to come to us which is exclusive for dedicated member of the Shrine) and on Full Moon (which is inclusive to the Public in Honoring the said Diwata and also by allowing the public to make petitions.) This Learning activity will fall under the category on our Binabaylan Studies. Aside from our Bi Monthly ritual studies, we also provide private lessons with certificate on the practice of Tawas or Traditional Filipino Diagnostic/Divinatory Art and Science; SiAdTala Mystic Oracle Attunement which is the use of Baybayin Filipino Ancient Writing Script in Divination, Energy Healing and on making Talismanic Sigils; so on becoming a Hilot Binabaylan which is our Ancestral Healing practices.

Our Binabaylan Studies is on Donation Basis while our SiadTala Mystic Oracle Attunement and Hilot Binabaylan Studies has corresponding fee for Certification. Will you study with us? If yes, kindly fill up the form below:

We also provide formal Training on the Practice of Hilot through our Hilot Academy of Binabaylan. To know the courses we offer check out the Tab Below.

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