Help Us Build our Shrine

Luntiang Aghama
For a long time, our Shrine has been serving people without a wall and roof. We conduct rituals in the park and public places. Our Healers come from houses to houses to heal people that are sick. And many people are looking forward to be healed and served by the Shrine in experiencing the Divinity that is within us all.Luntiang Aghama has been a place of refuge for the lonely soul receiving guidance, inspiration and empowerment. Through the Shrine the Names of the Old Filipino Gods has been revived and been worshipped. Prayer for Peace has re-vibrated and healing arrived to where it should rest.

This is our small Shrine.

It can only accommodate 2 to 5 people inside. But we still have a lot of space for the healing herbs and animals that will join us in celebrating the Glory of the Anito.

We ask you  now that your spirit be moved and consider giving a small amount to share in building our Shrine.

Through your help, we can accommodate more people and do more works of reviving the Glory of our Anito.

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