Returning Home

This past few weeks and months, we are working out in reviving our Traditional Healing Arts in the Philippines that is known as Hilot. Aside from our Traditional Healing Arts, our Shrine is commited to revive the use of Baybayin as our own national writing script.

As we work on this, we in the shrine have also proposed to revive our identity by wearing our traditional attire which we call as Damit Tala or Traditional Attire of Luntiang Aghama.

In reclaiming our identity as Filipino, the Shrine will also offer of Filipinizing the names of Filipino through our Naming Ritual which is usually done for new born.

Since most Filipino are westernized, this effort we are excerting will allow Filipino to have their identity back by having them a traditional name that has blessings of the Diwata and Anito through the Babaylan.

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