Hilot Academy Fundraiser

The Hilot Academy of Binabaylan was founded in 2016 to promote the traditional and indigenous spiritual beliefs and practices of the Philippines. Since then, we have helped Filipinos around the world learn and practice the sacred healing arts and sciences of our ancestors, so they can share that knowledge with their respective communities.

We are now asking for your financial support to expand our work. We are completing renovations on a 2-story building in Taguig City, where we can conduct our training programs and activities. Your support will help us complete the second floor of the building.

Our Hilot Training program is a window to the past, or a living museum. Students don’t just see and experience the practices our ancestors used to maintain their optimum health and wellness. They also learn the skills and abilities to perform it – so they can share it with future generation of Filipinos here in our mother land, and in their Filipino communities around the world.

Hilot Academy started as a dream, to share what we know with those who are interested in preserving our indigenous culture and healing traditions. This dream has manifested. And, we have also learned that these teachings can be conducted anywhere, even without a permanent location. As I have personally experienced – teaching in makeshift houses and even under a tree, just like in the ancient times. It simply depends on the sincere commitment of the students and teachers.

For 7 years, Hilot Academy has been like a gypsy – going from one place to another to share our knowledge and preserve our ancestral healing traditions. But the constant travel made my body weak, and in 2022 I had a stroke. I am recovering, but it was a warning that if I continued so much travel, I might totally lose the ability to advocate for Hilot. I don’t want that to happen, as there is more work to be done. We still have much outreach to do, to re-introduce our ancestral healing practices and traditions.

With that being said, I need to slow down for a while, as Lakay has advised me to settle into a permanent location for the Academy so I won’t need to travel so much. Lakay is generously offering his place in Taguig City to become a permanent home for the Hilot Academy and Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. And I am grateful to accept Lakay’s offer.

Soon, the facility will be accessible, but we need your help. We intend to have a 2-story building in which we can conduct our training programs and activities. Currently, we are nearing completion of the ground floor. We need funds to complete the second floor, in order to be operational.

Below is the proposed floor plan:

The facility is a total of 76 square meters – 36 on the ground floor, and 40 on the second floor. The ground floor will be used to conduct training, as well as provide Hilot sessions when there are no students in training.

The second floor will serve as a dormitory hall for both students and teachers. Many of our students do not reside in the Philippines; they come from all over the world. The new facility will offer them accommodations during their training. And Taguig City is just a 15-20 minute drive from Manila International Airport, which will be convenient for our international students.

So I am calling on all of our past Graduates, our supporters, and others who have been called by our ancestors to help us raise funds. Our goal is to raise PHP 774,400 (USD 13,993) for completion of the project.

We humbly ask you be part of the legacy we are building: to help promote and preserve our indigenous healing traditions – not only for us, but for the whole world.

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